Reflectivity and Diffuse Scattering from Solid Surfaces and Interfaces

Link to 4-Circle Goniometer

The four circle goniometer can be conveniently used for carrying out reflectivity and diffuse scattering measurements from solid surface/interfaces. The samples can be a thin film or multilayer grown on solid substrates. In a typical scan sample is placed horizontally and the scattering plane is vertical. A closed cell with Kapton window having Helium flow is also available to reduce the x-ray damage in the case of organic samples. The usable energy range of the synchrotron x-ray radiation is 7 to 20 keV. Anomalous scattering at the absorption edge also can be done by properly tuning the energy of the incident x-rays. One can use either point detector (Cyberstar) or 100K 2D Pilatus detector for data collection. Both the detectors are mounted on the same 2-theta rotation arm of the goniometer and can be switched from one detector to the other during reflectivity or diffuse scattering measurements. The incident and detector slits and the absorber wheel are all motorized and can be controlled through the SPEC software from outside the experimental hutch.

The sample stage for solid substrates