Powder Diffraction at Low Temperature

The four circle goniometer can be conveniently used for carrying out powder diffraction in ambient as well as in different sample environments, like low temperature. A cryostat for low temperature measurement is mounted on the goniometer. An aluminized mylar window as the radiation shield and Be window for the vacuum shield is used in the cryostat. Typical scans are theta–2theta and sample temperature down to 10 deg K. The usable energy range of the synchrotron x-ray radiation is 7 to 20 keV. One can use either point detector (Cyberstar) or 100K 2D Pilatus detector for data collection.

Temperature Range :
      10 deg K CCR

Temperature Controller :
       Cryo-con 32 (click for pdf file)
Sample mount stage (type-1) Sample mount stage (type-2)